1. How do I qualify for financial assistance from FINCORP?
One qualifies for a loan through the submission of a viable business proposal. A viable proposal is one with a clear and or secured market, one whose operational plan and cash flow are sound. Other factors will be taken into account during assessment, these being the entrepreneur being of good character with the capacity of managing of managing a business and that the entrepreneur should be a credit worthy individual
2. What does FINCORP offer?
FINCORP offers business and agricultural loans to new and existing entrepreneurs, provided their loan applications meet our loan qualification criteria.
3. Suppose I was in need of a personal loan, how can FINCORP assist?
FINCORP has a subsidiary company (First Finance Company) whose core business is to provide general purpose loans to gainfully employed Swazi’s whose employers have an agreement with FINCORP/FIRST for their employees to get access to this loan product.
4. Where do I get application forms for financial assistance?
Application forms are available at and only at our office in Mbabane, Dlanubeka 7th floor. But it is worth mentioning that loan applicants first visit our offices with their loan proposals where a one on one interview is conducted by our credit officers to access the project proposals viability and to give guidance on actions to be taken in order to initiate the loan application process. The forms will be completed by the applicant only after the officer has accessed and is satisfied that the project is viable and when the required documents have been submitted.
5. Do I need loan security or collateral to qualify for a loan?
Loan qualification is highly determined by it viability meaning FINCORP will flexibly finance loans with a clear and or secured market. If the market is neither clear and or secured then the risks associated with running and financing the business are high. If the risk is high FINCORP’s exposure will have to be mitigated. Mitigation then comes in the form of loan security or collateral. We advise that the project should have a clear and secured market for one not worry about security.
6. Do you give financial assistance for land acquisition?
FINCORP does not have a product for land acquisition more so because of the high expenses associated with acquiring and developing the land that make it impossible to repay since FINCORP loans are short term with a maximum repayment period of 60months.
7. How long does it take to approve a loan?
When the necessary documents have been submitted and the application form has been completed, our turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks.
8. Can I send my application online or through the post?
We do not advise that an application be sent online or through the post because in order for the credit officer to be able to analyze the project he/ she may need more information that is not relayed on the sent application. And for full analysis the application begins with a one on one interview with a credit officer who at the initial stage accesses its viability and can then give guidance on arrears that need to be worked on or request for documents if everything else seems to be in order.