Welcome to FINSURE

Finsure Assurance Limited is a Swati-owned business established in 1995 as an insurance broker and fully accredited by the Registrar of Insurance and Retirement Funds. The entity was acquired by FINCORP in 2014 and is wholly owned by FINCORP who is a 100% shareholder. From October 1, 2021, Finsure Insurance Brokers was upgraded to be an independent insurance company called Finsure Assurance Limited. The company offers Long-Term Insurance with a significant proportion being Credit Life Insurance.  However, in the not so distance future, Finsure intends to operate as a fully-fledged Short-Term and Long-Term insurance company and offer products under this category.

We work with both corporate and individual clients, and we fully appreciate that the insurance needs of our clients vary thus we ensure that we align our capabilities equally to meet these varying demands. Having been in the industry this long, we pride ourselves on living up to our customer’s expectations and delivering on our promise of service. Customers are the central focus of our operations and all technology, human and other resources that we employ are aimed at offering convenience and efficiency to our clientele.  

To provide excellent insurance and risk management services that exceed our clients' expectations
In the competitive service industry we are engaged in, we visualize the commercial and business environment through the perspectives of our customerse and in this regard, we have set for ourselves the following values to which we expect our clients to hold us accountable for:

  • We believe that we exist because of our diverse clientele base and therefore we ensure excellent execution of all assignments entrusted to us.
  • We believe in our independence and therefore we do not compromise on quality of our service.
  • We believe in confidentiality and therefore we uphold high ethical standards that the industry has set for us; in this regard our integrity and commitment to our clients is not questionable.
  • We work with others to source expertise that we do not have to ensure our clients get the best that the market offers.
  • We are accountable to our clients and therefore we always ensure prompt delivery as our number one priority.
  • We have the knowledge, competence and ability to convey trust and confidence, which encompasses our reputation and trust worthiness.
  • We respect the diversity that exist within our team and encourage independent ideals to enrich the dynamic quality of our service.
The business is largely an adaptable service-oriented brokerage, striving to provide Insurance and Risk Management services, both long and short term, to the ordinary Swazi in the following manner and strategies;

  • Engaging in both short and long-term business.
  • Concentrating on strategies that guarantee premium affordability.
  • Scouting for the best available option from the market to minimize risk.
  • Giving opportunities to ordinary Swazis to ensure and change their misconception about insurance.
  • We offer technical advice of insurance matters
  • We magnify the small print of insurance products
  • We ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of the insurance products they have purchased
  • We align risk exposures with the most suitable products with a forward thinking approach
  • We work hand in hand with our clients at all times to ensure optimum protection at all times
  • We respond to the needs of our clients, by offering a service that of the highest quality and efficient.
  • We ensure that the risks that we underwrite are adequately placed with insurers who are competent and have the capacity to service our clients and most importantly meet them when it matters most at the time of the loss.

Mrs. Nozipho Dlamini

Chief Insurance Officer (CIO)




We offer a wide range of insurance products and sevices available in the Insurance Industry as well as customized Risk Management Consulting Services.

We offer competitive cover rates and products that meet our clients’ needs. Our partnership with international experts comes to play when a broad or complex risk needs attention. Finsure Assurance enjoys strong strategic support from the parent company, FINCORP, which has been serving customers for over two decades in Eswatini. We place our customers first, as we continue to reposition and respond to the changing environment.

Some of the products and services are listed below:

  • Life Insurance: Group life insurance and pensions, life ordinary or individual life, and funeral schemes.
  • Credit Life Insurance: insurance of the debts held by clients in the event of death.